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Executive Search

Executive Search is a suitable option when an organization searches for specific skills and when the candidates you wish to attract do not actively seek their next step. With the core values Professionalism, Customer Focus, Simplicity, Openness, Integrity and hard work, Lager & Partners supports its clients in achieveing successful executive and senior specialist recruitments. Lager & Partners has extensive domestic and international networks. We utilize our network and map market segments researching relevant skills in order to find the most suitable candidates with the best prerequisites for each position.


For a successful recruitment, we need our clients trust that we understand the organization's needs, expectations and requirements on candidates in terms of skills, experience and personality.


We need the trust from you as a candidate that we at Lager & Partners understand your current role, the challenges you strive for, and that we can match this with relevant assignments. We always handle your information carefully and confidentially, according to current regulations. This allows Lager & Partners to represent its clients in the candidate market in a professional manner. Lager & Partners methodology is always adapted to the client's wishes and the nature of the assignment and a structured and well-thought-out process is always the starting point in an assignment.


Both customers and candidates, can be confident that the consultants you meet at Lager & Partners, will also execute and be responsible for the entire assignment. From the initial analysis phase to reference checks and negotiation.

Second Opinion

Second Opinion involves independent evaluation and benchmarking of candidates for strategically important positions. As with our executive search assignments, thorough interviewing, comprehensive reference checks  and testing are central components.


The purpose of Second Opinion is to create a more transparent and objective decision-making process for both the organization and the relevant candidates, as well as complementing internal perceptions with a professional assessment. The aim is also to create better conditions for the individual to become successful in his/her new role. A Second Opinion will clarify the individual's prior experiences, development potential, personality and driving forces.


Second Opinion may include both external and internal candidates and is an integral part of organizational change, recruitment and/or promotion.


Lager & Partners has advised clients in this area with great success over the years.

Human Due Diligence / Management Development Review

Human Due Diligence (HDD) / Management Development Review (MDR) focus on supporting owners and management in companies and organizations to evaluate their management team relative to what they want to achieve over the next few years. Depending on the situation and purpose, a HDD/MDR may also include evaluation of a broader management team and senior specialists. Typical situations are associated with mergers, changes in ownership and/or management. It may involve merger of departments as well as entire companies or organizations.


Regardless of the underlying situation, the purpose is to quickly understand how to best utilize resources in a merged business. As a result, each employee gets a leadership profile based on strategic, operational and leadership capabilities. The assessment is based on the individual's strengths, areas of development and motivation. It will also provide insights that will strengthen teamwork and the cooperation between individuals in a group.

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